Mister Glum

My Foundation, Inspiration and Partner


Age:               20 (1994)

Sex:                  Gelding

Sire:           Ron's Victory

Dam:          Australia Fair


A Few of Glum's Achievments to date:


2005: First Ex-Racehorse to take part in the British Dressage Talent Spotting finals

Finalist at U21 Summer Championships Young Rider Derby

(First Ex-Racehorse to take part)

Highest placed Ex-Racehorse at Riding Club Championships


2010: One of the highest working Ex-Racehorses on the Dressage Circuit in the UK

Many placings at Medium, and Advanced Medium Classes


2011: Parades at Royal Ascot

Takes part in dane Rawlins Clinic

Meets HM The Queen

Highest competeing ex Racehorse on the Circuit

Mention in British dressage Magazine


2012: Parades at 'All the Queens Horses' part of MH The Queen's

Diamond Jubilee










 "From Flying Past to Flying Change"























Mister Glum (aka Glum) is an English Thoroughbred, who finished his very short racing career in 2001. He started his career as a Flat racer, a sprinter. He was trained by Ian Balding and was last in his first and only ever race (he didnít like horses running along side him...he thought he had finished racing when they did that, so he stopped!). After that he tried National Hunt racing, so he moved to Henrietta Knight's yard, where they discovered that he could not do the distance plus fences, so he retired in 2001 at the age of 7.


Glum and I found each other back in 2002 after I had had a knock in my confidence from another ex-racehorse. My search criteria was a safe, sane horse, which I could hack and do some basic flatwork on and maybe do a prelim test one day. Neither I nor my parents had the funds to buy a horse, so I was looking for a loan. The last thing I thought I would end up with would be a chestnut recently ex-racehorse! At our first ride together Glum's neck was in my way and I was lucky if I could see where I was going, but he was never nasty, mean, or scary at any moment. I was worried that I was too big for him as he is as wide as a razor blade, but with much convincing from my parents we took him on.


Glum has restored my faith in horses and he has taken me to places I never dreamed of! He has seen me through my GCSEs, A-Levels, University and now to the big world of employment!


We have done a little of everything together; jumping, dressage, sponsored rides and even a bit of polo and polocrosse, but dressage was where both of our hearts have always been.


In 2009, after University, I decided that I really wanted to pursue my love of horses and try to 'make a go of it' as a rider so Glum and I packed our travel boots and headed off to Germany to work with triple Olympic Gold medallist Monica Theodorescu. I was prepared to defend Glum throughout our stay, but the Germans LOVED him-especially his trot work, which was commented on by the German selection committee when they were at the stable on an inspection morning. It was here that I realised that there are many more ex-racehorse that can fulfil their potential as dressage horses and they can compete on an equal level with the warmbloods!


Glum has taken me to a level of riding that I NEVER expected to reach. It is his talent, workmanship, his dedication and always willing attitude that has made me fall in love with the ex-racehorse, and makes me want to pursue the retraining of ex-racehorses into dressage.